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darker than thou [entries|friends|calendar]
for kids who wanna be BAD!!!

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tattoo [04 Sep 2008|03:16am]

[ mood | insomna ]

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be scene-y! [24 Jan 2006|07:42pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

here some scene-y look stuff that i made:
Image hosting by Photobucket
and matching icon:
Image hosting by Photobucket

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voldemort [27 Nov 2005|04:10pm]

[ mood | fucking sick! fabulous! ]

take a real long look at this picture, just take a real long look:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
remind you of anyone?

a certain southern actress impersonated by a rather bald hep c infected looking bald british actor(who by strange coincidence wears the same flowy night gown), playing a rather bad dude with dad issues.

ps:if this makes no sense, i'm sorry, i have a cold.

pps:new layout and icon, rock!

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[05 Mar 2005|07:29pm]

so, i've been curious for a long time if any of you would get the dark mark as a tattoo, i mean, it's a design that has two of the most cliche' tattoo pics(skull and a snake), but on the other hand it has the geek factor.
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[26 Feb 2005|08:47pm]

So what's this community all about? Will we be able to earn house points in here as well? We ended up catching up there at the end and I'd like to see us win next term.

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matt, welcome to junior deatheaters [13 Feb 2005|02:43pm]


sorrry if you've been waiting along time.
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hello all [22 Jan 2005|09:24pm]

[ mood | awake ]

CONTEST!!!!!! like, the first one EVA' on jr_deatheaters,w00t,w00t!!! okay this is how it goes down, this is an icontest, post an icon involing your favourite death eater or death eater to be(only original icons, no pushy footing around, even though you can use pics form the movies). and the winner will get a whopping 25 points. enteries due one week from today.and mmmbopthis and i will be voting, so be there or b-[].

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[13 Nov 2004|01:30pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

so i've been curious lately about the origin of the dementors, does jk ever really explain how they came to be or what?

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[30 Oct 2004|02:12pm]

[ mood | curious ]

*lazily* Afternoon there. I joined to see what this was about, the phrase, 'hating muggleborns' caught my interest. So, here I am.
Will there be anything else?

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sparklyjazz [28 Oct 2004|11:23pm]

this is a banner i made a long time ago for you(for some odd reason, i now shows up on my photobucket acount).
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